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Navy Lanier

Men’s Fashion for the Southern Gentleman

About Navy Lanier

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Navy Lanier is a businessman, entrepreneur, politician, philanthropist, and author who believes that in order to gain success, you must dress to impress. He is the Founder of a Navy Lanier, a men’s clothing line designed for the traditional Southern Gentleman, as well as the Founder of Mobile Fuel and Navy Tea. 

For Navy, the distinction between a gentleman and a southern gentleman makes a world of difference. A southern gentleman’s pillar is a high one—he should be an excellent protector, provider, and entertainer for both his community and family. He should be a light in a room, adding value, joy, and laughter to every conversation and environment. A southern gentleman is thoughtful—he believes in going a few extra miles and enjoys doing so. In every aspect of life, he will pave the way for others, even when they don’t see the road. A southern gentleman practices, above all, patience, listening, and courtesy. 

It is with those values in mind that the Navy Lanier collection came to be. The line consists of gorgeous shoes, clothing, and accessories to highlight and compliment the best traits of a true southern gentleman. As a businessman, Navy understands the importance of first impressions, so he is also passionate about providing fashion guidance, how-tos, and style inspiration through his blog. 


Navy Lanier began his career in the military in order to help pay for his degree in Finance. However, after being offered a full-time job with a financial advisory firm, he discontinued his education to pursue the opportunity. His time at the firm helped him gain insight into the business world and what it takes to be successful. He was also able to cultivate and nurture a network of influential connections at Fortune 500 companies across the nation. It was his dealing with those individuals that gave him the courage and wisdom to venture out and start his own empire. 

His first business venture was a telecommunications agency that specialized in long-distance phone calls, named Lanier Telecommunications. In only three short years, Navy grew the company into a multi-million dollar business, later selling it for a sizable profit. Understanding that he had developed a winning formula for success, he continued to create and sell multiple businesses, each time making valuable profits. In 2011, he created Mobile Fuel, a first-of-a-kind delivery service making waves within the gasoline industry.

After experiencing a terrifying robbery at a gas station while he was in the car with his daughters, Navy Lanier realized there had to be a safer way to sell and receive gasoline. His idea produced Mobile Fuel, now a business that operates in 17 cities, employs almost 2,000, and services businesses, celebrities, and the like. 

His success, combined with strong ties to his community, has made him a trustworthy mentor for anyone seeking advice. He utilizes an open-door policy and can often be found chatting with neighbors for hours in his office. Continuously active and dedicated to his community, Navy is also a Board Member on Urban Conservatives and Urban Symphony Orchestra. He remains active in the neighborhood association for his childhood community, Capitol View Manor, and is a member of Boggs Academy, one of the first and longest-running African American boarding schools for middle and upper-class students in his community.