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When most people think of style, the first thing that comes to mind is attire. When speaking about a gentleman, however, there is an air of chivalry included with this terminology. One cannot be considered a gentleman if he doesn’t follow a gallant code of ethics as well, and to be declared a southern gentleman means to take things to an even higher level of regard. This is a term that needs to be earned. It is not assigned lightly. 

One thing that stands out about a southern gentleman is his respect for women. This goes beyond his undying allegiance to his beloved mother, although it is rooted in that conviction. He respects all women, both in the traditional, door-holding way and in the modern, validating way. There is an unwritten rule in the South that women should be respected if you’re a proper gentleman. This includes defending her reputation, complimenting her and making her feel special, and always standing when she leaves or enters a room. A true southern gentleman wants his partner to be happy. That is the main goal. They will support her dreams and let her reach her full potential without trying to stop her. When most women are asked to describe their idea of Prince Charming, they infallibly will list the qualities of a southern gentleman.

Style does play a part of the overall package, however. Fellows from the South like to look good and they go the extra mile to prove it. Depending on which phase of life they are in, there is almost a southern gentleman dress code. The collegiate-style leans towards preppy with exaggerated flairs of intensity, depending on the occasion. For a southerner, any special event is a chance to dress up and bring something to the table, fashion-wise. The attention to detail that goes into not only buying the best fabrics but also taking the time to alter them perfectly is how they show respect to their host. 

The confidence that comes from experimenting with pops of color and pieces of flair is another way that a southern gentleman stands out. By wearing a single eye-catching accessory or one small detail is a minimalist way of bringing an entire outfit up to the next level. Some examples might include the iconic look of a seersucker suit or a separate jacket or coat. Another name for a railroad stripe, seersucker is a soft, wrinkled material featuring a thin striped or checkered cotton design.