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Fashion is something that people will always be discussing, albeit mostly in the women’s fashion realm. Men’s fashion, too, has been a topic of discussion for well over 100 years. Today’s modern man cares a lot about his aesthetic and how he presents himself. His clothing choices are an extension of his identity, just like with women. Men have spent decades breaking away from the uniform of an era to gain their sense of individuality.

That being said, some fashion pieces will never go out of style. Once Levi-Strauss introduced the world to his denim, riveted blue jeans, the world changed. To this day, denim blue jeans can be worn with a t-shirt or as a piece of a smart-casual ensemble, a fashion trend that has become extremely popular over the past decade. Smart-casual lets people experience colors and textures that encompass high-end with casual wear. Another example is the blending of turtlenecks with blazers and button-down shirts. The endless combinations of dressier pieces with more casual ones have given men a great avenue of fashion exploration. 

Minimalism is a revolution that started when Marie Kondo became a household name. With an embrace of a less is more approach, men have started adapting that concept to their clothing choices as well. The idea is to represent yourself in a minimalist way, without any logos or brands. A similar trend, normcore, is a lot like minimalism in that there are no brand-name pieces, and it features mostly neutral colors. The difference is that normcore focuses on blending in, not efficiency. While the techniques may be similar, the reasoning is different. It means stylized blandness vs meaningful tidiness. 

Sustainable fashion is another trend that has joined the environmental initiatives of this decade. Much like the quest for sustainability in the foods we eat, people are waking up to the idea that low-quality clothing ends up filling our landfills and hurting our planet. 

There is a reason that vintage fashion reappears every 20 years or so. It’s because it hits the nostalgic sweet spot from our childhoods. People often reflect on the past with rose-tinted glasses, mainly when modern-day crises occur. In addition to whole fashion pieces, there are plenty of accessories that can transport us back to a simpler, safer time. The baseball cap, also known as the dad hat, is one such example.