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All women fawn over a proper, southern gentleman. In a world where most people are nostalgic for a simpler time, there is something special and wholesome about being treated respectfully. Of course, a true southern gentleman doesn’t just become via his own doing. There are several factors that go into his upbringing that make him stand out from both his northern neighbors and his fellow Dixies. 

When discussing fashion and grooming, there is an unspoken wardrobe that any decent southern gentleman owns. The first item is a perfectly-fitting suit with a slim necktie. They should also own several striped oxford button-down collared shirts and a high-quality pair of jeans that will grow more beautiful with time. Timeless shoes such as monkstraps, which can be for nearly any occasion. More important than the clothing, however, is the manner in which a southern gentleman presents himself. 

Stereotypes exist because they are based in truth. The southernly “yes ma’am/yes sir” is a long-standing tradition as a show of utmost respect. It is used when meeting an elder, as well as any occasion when a formal impression wants to be made. A true southern gentleman will not switch to informal salutations until he’s been invited to do so. Other displays of respect include eye contact when speaking and giving a firm handshake, but it also means having the self-confidence to stand up for what you believe while still keeping matters civil. Discord is natural, even amongst one’s own family members. It’s the diplomacy that matters.

Respect also comes in the form of follow-up thank you cards and shows of gratitude tha might seem outdated in this day and age. Contrary to popular belief, the fact that someone would take the time to sit down and handwrite a note is a very special sign of respect. In addition, holding doors open for people in general and giving random compliments is another way to show you care. A true gentleman also knows the respectful way to gentlemanly compliment a woman he is interested in.

Manners are, without a doubt, a true way to immediately determine’s someone’s pedigree. This goes beyond ‘thank you’, ‘please’, and ‘excuse me’. Basic table manners include keeping your napkin on your lap and using the proper utensils, not chewing with your mouth full, not speaking while eating, keeping your elbows off the table, not being the first one to begin eating and never interrupting.