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A true southern gentleman knows that the magic is in the details. Because of this, adding a few pieces of flair or accessories can completely transform an outfit and make it wearable all day long, from an afternoon derby, straight to dinner and cocktails. This is especially handy when traveling since these few style essentials are very easy to transport.

The primary item that you should have in your wardrobe is a perfectly fitted suit. For more casual events, you can use just the pants and pair it with a pinpoint oxford shirt. This shirt has long been a staple for good reason – it can be worn with practically anything, including a pair of jeans and a snazzy boot. Speaking of denim, there is only one pair needed to bring on a short vacation, since it can be changed drastically depending on what’s on top, from a t-shirt to a suit jacket.

Neckties take up virtually no space in your luggage, yet can chance an outfit instantly. Pairing a tie with a colorful sock brings the outfit together and draws onlookers to admire the whole ensemble. This includes the shoes, which men have begun getting more experimental with. There are many versatile shoes that one can wear that will pair nicely with a range of outfits. Sandals can even be worn all day long. A true southern gentleman embraces the idea of quality over quality and will have a few select pieces that are extremely versatile.

No topic is too small when discussing style, and that includes the ideal materials for everything, including socks. Changing into vibrant, colorful socks can give your feet a new lease on life after being on them all day, as well as stylizing the look of an outfit. Cotton used to be the primary material for socks but it is actually a terrible choice for any warm environment. Its inability to absorb moisture can lead to chafing and blisters and general discomfort, and it can eventually stretch and be ill-fitting. Wool socks are cotton’s more expensive, softer cousin, but they too can make your feet very itchy and uncomfortable and sweaty because of a lack of moisture-wicking ability. Many southern gentlemen have embraced Man’s answer to cotton, polyester. It creates durable socks that fit the foot and stay in place, even after significant use. They don’t shrink in the wash or stretch out after being worn frequently. They are quick to dry and relatively moisture-repellent. They also hold color much better than cotton and their patterns stay vibrant for far longer.